Our Team

Brandy Adair


Agency Bill Accounting Specialist

Brandy makes life simple for our members by managing the Agency Bill Accounting side of the business. 

Tasha Brewer


Direct Bill Reconciliation & Oversight Specialist

Tasha reviews each and every Direct Bill Statement each month ensuring that there are no problems and that all things direct bill run smoothly in our member agencies. 

Jolene Pudenz


Help Desk


Bridget Dansby


Client Account Sweeps Specialist

Client Account Sweep issues seem to be an ongoing issue for the independent agency.  Bridget handles this headache so our members don't have to... 

Julie Stone


Chief Financial Officer

Julie manages all things financial when it comes to Agents Alliance...

Lisa Thomas


Agent On-boarding

Lisa handles all of our new agent and agency onboarding.

Devin Chasteen


Account Reconciliation 

Devin has been with Agents Alliance for almost 4 years now. She recently moved off the receptionist desk and now does Account Current Reconciliation full time. 

Andrea Smith

I started out as receptionist but moved to  Direct Bill Reconciliation almost 2 years ago. In additi

Direct Bill Reconciliation

Andrea sarted out as receptionist, but moved to Direct Bill Reconciliation almost 2 years ago. In addition to Direct Bill, Andrea also handles MVR fees every month.

Nic Nack


  Reception and Intake Specialist

Nic processes all the mail, phone calls, and emails for both Agents Alliance Services and Ramey and King Agency.